DreamHack Austin is getting even bigger this year! There will be more fun things to do than you’ll know what to do with yourself. Embark on quests, challenge rival factions, go on scavenger hunts, and earn points to win phenomenal prizes!

Prize Wall

Ahh, so you seek treasure… The dreams of the worthy may yet come true. Fight hard and gather currency through quests to be redeemed at the prize wall where spectacular rewards may be unlocked through individual and group accomplishments. Those of sound fortitude will soon discover what awaits when the doors open this coming April 28th…

Cosplay Chess

Bishop to Pawn E6. Knight to Rook F3. For those of you familiar with Chess, these are standard moves. Have you ever wondered what chess would look like if the Bishop was a White Mage from Final Fantasy? Or if the Knight was from the Jedi Order? If you want to see these chess moves brought to life, then join us for our first ever Cosplay Chess! Battle it out against other chess pieces to become the first ever champion of DreamHack Cosplay Chess. We are still looking for Cosplayers for this event. If you are interested, please head over to our sign up form.

Con Scavenger Hunt

Experience the sights and sounds of DreamHack! Roam around the con and earn rewards for doing it. You will be running around the Austin Convention Center collecting clues to find the pieces of a mysterious puzzle.

Trivia Lounge

Come join us in our Gaming Lounge and nerd out over trivia! Test your wits and memory from a wide variety of subjects. It is free to play and you can mingle with follow attendees. Think you are geeky enough? Come find out how geeky in our fast-paced trivia game at our exclusive Trivia Lounge!

Grand Tournament

An age old struggle has now found new battlegrounds. How would you like to be part of something greater than just yourself? Choose your side. Assist the Order and bring structure and discipline to this lawless world. Or side with the Revenant, and discover the yet undiscovered treasures that surely wait. Each faction will send 5 of their best to lay claim to the new land. Those that prove their worth will be chosen to represent each faction. You may yet tip the scales of power in this land. Order or the Revenant? You decide!

The top finishers of each faction in each of the mini games will be chosen to compete in the Grand Tournament at the end of the weekend.

Location: TBD

Nerf Marksman Challenge

Think you’re a hot shot? Prove it. Score points as you shoot at a target and show that your words are as accurate as your bullets. For the more adventurous souls, you may ‘up’ the difficulty and shoot further than the standard distance and score even more points! Do well enough and you may catch the eyes of the people who can make use of your…talents.

The top finisher for Team Orange and Team Black will be chosen to participate in the Grand Tournament.

Location: TBD

Arcane Magic Challenge

Beside every great hero in history, there has always been a great magician. King Arthur and Merlin. Aragon and Gandalf. And then there’s you… Greatness begins somewhere so why not here? Choose the type of Arcane magic you wish to wield and hone your craft by using your magic on a helpless target. Not all magic was created equal so choose your class wisely. And maybe, you’ll become part of history yourself…

Location: TBD

The top finisher for Team Orange and Team Black will be chosen to participate in the Grand Tournament.

Portal Puzzle Challenge

Not all battles are won through strength of arms. Some involve logic and deduction. Or in this case, simple trial and error. You and a partner must solve individual puzzles. When one has finished, the other may begin. When both of you are done you must combine your intelligence to solve an ever greater puzzle. There will be a prize awaiting for you at the end of this ordeal will be deat… cake. Your prize will be cake. Also should you fail, you will be incinerated. For Science!

Location: TBD

The top pair for both Team Orange and Team Black will be chosen to participate in the Grand Tournament.

Minecraft Maze Running

Your Objective: Get to the end. Your tools: A mouse, a keyboard, and your sense of direction. Don’t get turned around or you may be lost in the maze forever. Be the fastest person to make it through and you may yet prove your usefulness to the people you have chosen to align yourself with. Now…RUN! Get to the Choppa!!!

The top finisher for Team Orange and Team Black will be chosen to participate in the Grand Tournament.

Location: TBD

Rock Paper Scissors Battles?

Have you ever wanted to be randomly stopped and put to the test against a random stranger? Have you ever wanted to experience the rush of a tournament at breakneck speeds? Don’t worry, we got you! Keep an eye out for our Rock, Paper, Scisscors warden as they wander DreamHack. At any time, this person can stop and instigate a battle! Need to settle a dispute? Need to show your friends who’s boss? Need to show your dad/mom how to be a true gamer? NO PROBLEM! Be sure to look out as the warden will challenge anyone at any time! Like in Pokemon, if you are in their line of sight they might chose you!

MineCraft Puzzle Challenge

Have you ever wanted to build a Minecraft Puzzle Map? Have you ever wanted to do that for a convention? Well look no further, We are running a Minecraft Puzzle Contest to win tickets to DreamHack!. Jump on the bandwagon friends let’s make some maps!. Your Map will be featured in a Live event at DreamHack if you are one of the winners!. Let’s got to Making some Maps!

All submissions must use the standard Minecraft program. No third party program skins, texture packs, or resource packs. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in immediately disqualification. Your maze must be solvable within the designated time limit (time limit). Your map must be easy to reset and require very little additional set up (if any at all). It should take no more than a minute to reset the maze. Your maze must be run in Adventure mode.

The Top 3 maps that will each be featured in a DreamHack exclusive event. Winners will win tickets to a NA DreamHack event of their choice.
1st place – 2 VIP Tickets
2nd place – 1 VIP Ticket, 1 Regular Ticket
3rd place – 2 Regular Tickets

You will be required to submit your Maps to us with a short video presentation so we can listen to your overview. Maps will be used at DreamHack Austin as part of a competition. By entering this competition, you agree to give DreamHack full use rights of your map and all its content.

All maps will be required to be sent to us for review. You can enter the contest by following this link:
You will be contacted with instructions on how to access and upload your game file when you are ready to submit your entry