Austin Event Summary

DreamHack Austin Event Summary

DreamHack Austin 2017 has come to a close, and what a time we’ve had together! As we wrap up the event we can look back on a amazing weekend full of entertainment with esports, live acts, pigeon sightings, and much much more. Here’s a summary of what we got to experience between April 28-30 at Austin Convention Center.

DreamHack ASTRO Open

In DreamHack ASTRO Open (CS:GO) we saw some fierce games in the group stage, especially from Cloud 9 who managed to shake the foundations of G2 Esports by defeating them on Cache with 16-10. G2 later got revenge in the Decider’s match, knocking out the last american team from the competition. In the end it was the nr 1 team from each group that secured a place in the finals: Gambit from Group A and Immortals from Group B. Gambit proved to be the stronger team however and won convincingly with 16-12 on both Train and Inferno. To watch the finals, go here.


1st place – $50,000 – Gambit
2nd place – $20,000 – Immortals
3rd-4th place – $10,000 – Heroic, G2 Esports

Hearthstone Grand Prix

When players like Reynad and Trump still were live and kicking in the semi-finals, one could but wonder if the Grand Prix had been transported back to the early stages of competitive Hearthstone. Well-known players like Chakki, Orange, TerrenceM and Fr0zen had been knocked out, and what remained was underdogs like MrLEGO and Shoop. Surprisingly, both ended up defeating their respective opponents and moved on the finals. Shoops mage deck proved to be a fierce weapon in both the semi and the final, winning him six games in total and securing him the title as DreamHack Austin champion. You can watch finals here, or check out the top 16 decks over at our Hearthstone Grand prix site.


1st place – $7,500 – Shoop
2nd place – $3,500 – MrLEGO
3rd-4th place – $2,050 – Trump, Reynad

WCS Austin

We often talk about storylines in esports, and what better storyline than for a player to win in front of his home crowd after a tense game of StarCraft II. The line-up of 10 zergs, 3 protoss and 3 terran heavily favored a zerg victory in WCS Austin, but Alex “Neeb” Sunderhaft had other plans. In no way did he have an easy road to the finals. Neeb was balancing on a thin line from the start of the playoffs, with opponents such as Showtime (3-2), Major (3-2) and finally Nerchio (4-2). However, with sheer protoss power, the 19 year old american defeated all of his opponents to win the whole thing, as well 3000 WCS circuit points. Missed the finals? Then watch it here!


1st place – $25,000 – Neeb
2nd place – $10,000 – Nerchio
3rd-4th place – $6,500 – Major, TRUE

DreamHack Smash Championship

Even though the DreamHack FGC was filled with a lot of different fighting disciplines such as Street Fighter V and Smash Bros. WiiU, it was the Smash Bros. Melee singles that stood out from the rest, much thanks to star players like Armada, Hungrybox, Mango, Mew2King. Several of them also attended our Fan Zone area to talk Smash in general and meet fans in particular. The tournament itself came down to a close duel between Hungrybox and ChuDat in the grand final. Hungrybox came to the tournament in amazing shape and with great results as of late, and managed to bring that to the game. In front of a huge crowd at the Smash Area, Hungrybox won the title with 3-2. To watch the last day of the tournament, head here.

Results (Singles)

1st place – $4,700 – HungryBox
2nd – $2,000 – ChuDat
3rd – $1,000 – Mew2King

Stream & Fan Zone

The DreamHack Fan Zone were filled with some of the very biggest streamers, broadcasters and artists. Many took their chance to meet gaming personalities and teams such as Armada, Hungrybox, Cloud 9, Team Liquid, Hotted, and many others. In the meantime we had plenty of stuff going on non-stop over at the Stream Zone, were several talented personalities entertained crowds online and offline.

Upcoming events

If you missed this DreamHack, there are several other events you can attend before the year is over. Head here to find out more about our next destination. If you want to stay updated about everything that’s going on, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you want more behind the scenes and incredible photos, check out our Instagram and Snapchat!

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us at Austin and made it a blast. As for now, we’re pretty tired and will probably need a few days rest much like Pablicio and Patricia. Toodeloo!

Art by the amazing @Tinydeadthings.