In the DreamHack spirit of bringing the world of games and fantasy to life, what better way to explore than through cosplay! Start prepping your costumes or just come experience the spectacular contestants in attendance this year. We have three skill level tiers to compete in, so whatever your experience, we look forward to seeing your coolest new cosplay! NEW this year, we’re introducing cosplay chess. You can join in or just sit back and watch as the chessboard comes to life!

$2,500 Cosplay Competition

Click here to register and view details for the DreamHack Austin 2017 Cosplay Competition!

Cosplay Chess

Watch or participate in our life size version of chess! Click here to register and view details for the DreamHack Austin 2017 Cosplay Chess sessions!

Cosplay Rules & FAQ

Click Here for general cosplay rules. We encourage you to dress in your favorite cosplay for fun – there’s no need to compete! Please make sure to read through our Cosplay Rules and FAQ section to make sure your cosplay attire/weapons/props meet DreamHack safety standards.

Cosplay First Aid

Need to repair your cosplay? Trust our seasoned cosplay staff as they have degrees in various fields of cosplay education. Located at the Inn on the DreamHack main floor, you’ll find our Cosplay Repair Station with basic equipment to help patch you up and send you back out into the fields of justice! (No insurance copay necessary. Note that we may not held liable for any deformities of cosplay that may occur.)