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DreamHack Austin 2017 Event Map

DreamHack Austin 2017 event map

Know what to do at #DHATX17 but not where everything is located? Look no further! With the DreamHack event map you get a good overview of the entire area so that you easily can find what you’re looking for. With activities such as the Stream Zone, Fan Zone, esports arenas, food areas, and much more, there is plenty of reason to keep track.

Get your ticket

Following the action online is fine, but there is no better way to experience a DreamHack event than to attend one live. To secure your own ticket to the event at Austin, head over to our ticket site.. For the full #DHATX17 schedule please visit: event.dreamhack.com.


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Main Stage

  • Rockit Gaming Couch Party
  • Overwatch University Grudge Match (UT vs UH)
  • Light Saber Demo
  • Grimecraft
  • MegaRan
  • Magic Sword
  • Rocket League BYOC Finals
  • HotS BYOC Finals
  • VR Tournament
  • Cosplay Contest
  • Fractal
  • Mr FijiWiji
  • Varien
  • CSGO BYOC Finals
  • LoL University Grudge Match (UT vs A&M)
  • Overwatch BYOC Finals

Activity Area

  • Grand Tournament
  • Marksman Challenge
  • Arcane Magic Challenge
  • Portal Puzzle Challenge
  • Minecraft Maze Running
  • DH Scavenger Hunt
  • Questing (Main Story Line)
  • Trivia Lounge
  • Rock Paper Scissors Battles
  • Cosplay First Aid
  • Cosplay Chess
  • Battle Sloth Tournament