DreamHack FGC tournament recap

DreamHack FGC tournament recap

Amazing crowd, fierce competition and astounding battles. DreamHack FGC at DramHack Austin brought out the best from the North American community and gave the visitors something extra. Here are the results from all our tournaments that was played throughout the weekend.

Street Fighter V

Loser’s Final Xian vs Punk – 0-3
Grand Final #1 HAITANI vs Punk – 1-3
Grand Final #2 HAITANI vs Punk – 2-3

1st place: Punk
2nd place: HAITANI
3rd place: Xian

Smash Bros. Melee (singles)

Winner’s semi-final #1 
ChuDat vs Mang0 – 3-1
Winner’s semi-final #2 Hungrybox vs Plup – 3-0
Winner’s Final 
ChuDat vs Hungrybox – 2-3
Loser’s Final ChuDat vs Mew2King – 3-1
Grand Final HungryBox vs ChuDat – 3-2

1st place: HungryBox
2nd: ChuDat
3rd : Mew2King

Smash Bros. Melee (doubles)

Grand Final SFAT / Mang0 – 3-2

1st place: SFAT / Mang0
2nd place: Mew2King / Plup
3rd place: Android / Armada

Smash Bros. WiiU (singles)

Loser’s Final ZeRo vs Ally – 3-2
Grand Final MkLeo vs ZeRo – 0-3

1st place: ZeRo
2nd place: MkLeo
3rd place: Ally

Smash Bros. WiiU (doubles)

Grand Final MkLeo / ZeRo vs Ally / Locus – 3-0

1st place: MkLeo / ZeRo
2nd: Ally / Locus
3rd : MVD / ESAM

Find more information about the different tournaments in DreamHack Smash Championship and Capcom Pro Tour here.

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