One of the pillars of DreamHack events are our world class Esport tournaments. As announced, at DreamHack Austin 2017 we will have a lineup of your favorite games and teams like always. For all esport schedules check out the esport schedule post.

Anyone who purchases a BYOC, Day or Weekend pass for DreamHack Atlanta will be able to sit in our spectator areas to watch the tournaments. See all ticket types and pricing on the Ticket Info page.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

DreamHack ASTRO Open

Launched in 2012, DreamHack Open is DreamHack’s premiere esports circuit featuring multiple live LAN tour stops across Europe. Eight CSGO teams from around the world will compete for a chance to reach the $100,000 DreamHack Open event at DreamHack Austin 2017. Stay tuned for more information!

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DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix
The DreamHack Grand Prix circuit was launched in 2015, starting with the two center pieces of the DreamHack events, Summer and Winter. In 2016 Grand Prix expanded, adding Austin and Valencia to the list of stops for the tournament. It has expanded into what is now recognized as the largest third party tournament in the Hearthstone scene, spanning across two continents with thousands of participants and over $100,000 in prizes. It is widely considered among players as one of the most prestigious tournaments in competitive Hearthstone to win.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

DreamHack Smash Championship

The DreamHack Smash Championship 2017 season will be covering events in North America and Europe. In total there will be $100,000 on the line in Smash tournaments during our 2017 LAN events. Six events will host Smash tournaments; four in North America, and two in Sweden.

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StarCraft II

StarCraft II World Championship Series

StarCraft has a long and storied history at DreamHack events, dating back to DreamHack Winter 2010 where Naama barely edged out MaNa to claim the first StarCraft II trophy in Jönköping. Since then, DreamHack events have always been high points of the year for the StarCraft II community, with a total of 30 champions capturing crowns on DreamHack stages! Next year, in addition to stops at DreamHack Austin, Valencia, and Montreal, StarCraft II returns to Jönköping for DreamHack Summer to cement its place in DreamHack’s lofty halls.

2017 Event and Tournament Dates
WCS Austin, April 28th-30th
WCS Jönköping, June 17th-20th
WCS Valencia, July 13th-15th
WCS Montreal, September 8th-10th

For full details regarding the 2017 StarCraft II World Championship Series, see the announcement on

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Street Fighter V

Capcom Pro Tour

Come out and square-up with players from all over the globe in Street Fighter V for a chance to win your share of the $15,000 prize pool!
For more details and to stay up to date about the Capcom Pro Tour check out the official Capcom Pro Tour website.

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