Hearthstone Grand Prix – final day

Hearthstone Grand Prix – Final day

After an amazing weekend with new exciting Hearthstone content, we have a champion!

When the Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Austin went into the playoffs it appeared like an American would be guaranteed the nr 1 spot. Instead, we saw an Australian in the form of MrLEGO cause a major upset, knocking out one player after another. It all came to a halt however, when David “Shoop” Steinberg made sure to send MrLEGO back to the land down under. With a mage, warrior, paladin and rogue, Shoop managed to become champion of DreamHack Austin Hearthstone Grand Prix. Here’s how it all played out.


RO8 – #1 – TerrenceM vs Trump – 2-3
RO8 – #2 – Dog vs Shoop – 0-3
RO8 – #3 – Catdestroyer vs Reynad – 0-3
RO8 – #4 – Justsayian vs MrLEGO – 0-3
RO4 – #1 Shoop vs Trump – 3-0
RO4 – #2 Reynad vs MrLEGO – 2-3
GRAND FINAL Shoop vs MrLEGO – 3- 1

1st place – $7,500 – Shoop
2nd place – $3,500 – MrLEGO
3rd-4th place – $2,050 – Trump, Reynad


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