Hearthstone Grand Prix Returns to Austin

Following up on last year’s success, DreamHack is excited to announce that the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix circuit will continue in 2017, and come back to Austin this April 28-30th!

Hearthstone has gathered over 50 million players since launching in 2014, and DreamHack was among the first major third-party organizers to host live tournaments for the game. 2016 was a big year, with more than 800 players competing in the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix circuit, and over $100,000 USD prize money up for grabs. The circuit garnered over 7 million live views online, and has become one of the most prestigious tournaments for competitive Hearthstone players to win.

In 2017, DreamHack will continue to expand the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix circuit, hosting tournaments at more events than ever. The DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix will be featured at seven DreamHack events—each stop hosting a major open Swiss tournament for everyone willing to compete, before the 16 top players move onto a single-elimination stage. There will be a minimum of 200 competitor slots per tournament, each with a total prize pool of $25,000. As if that wasn’t enough, each stop will also feature side events with special prizes and a $1,500 prize pool at stake for players who don’t make it through the grueling Swiss stages of the main tournament.

In total, $185,500 will be awarded to competitive Hearthstone players at DreamHack events throughout the year!



Game: Hearthstone
Tournament format: Open Swiss with top 16 moving on to a single-elimination stage
Match format: Last Hero Standing BO5 with 1 ban (subject to change)
Competitor slots: 200+
Platform: Bring your own device (wired connection)
Prize Pool: $25,000 USD total for the main event, and $1,500 USD for the side event
1st – $7,500
2nd – $3,500
3rd/4th – $2,050
5th-8th – $1,125
9th-16th – $675


11.00 Preshow
11.15 Round 1
12.45 Round 2
14.15 Round 3
15.45 Round 4
17.15 Round 5
18.45 Round 6
20.15 Round 7


12.00 Preshow
12.15 Round 8
13.45 Round 9
15.30 RO16 – 1+2
16.30 RO16 – 3+4
17.30 RO16 – 5
18.30 RO16 – 6
20.30 RO16 – 8


12.00 Preshow
12.15 RO8 – 1
13.15 RO8 – 2
14.15 RO8 – 3
15.15 RO8 – 4
16.15 RO4 – 1
17.15 RO4 – 2

All matches are played on an accelerated schedule. All times are estimates and set to local time – CDT (UTC-6).

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DreamHack Austin will be the very first stop for the 2017 season so get ready with your ticket here. Tickets are currently on sale and can be found here. Make sure to follow @DreamHackHS on Twitter, and DreamHackHS on Facebook.

COMPETITOR SIGN-UPS HERE: DreamHack Grand Prix Austin Signups